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VXS Gym wear Collaboration

1st December 2016


Hey guys.

I’ve recently teamed up with VXS gym wear and I will be letting you know what I think about the pieces they sent me. They are a relatively new brand but are doing some INSANE promotion work and have their name out there in a big way already.


The VXS 3.5 muscle fit blue tee is incredibly comfortable and what I consider to be the perfect fit. It has a tapered design and is snug around the arms and shoulders. I did worry a little about the material being a bit sweaty considering the muscle fit but thankfully I was wrong. Its made of 92% cotton so plenty of air can get in and this makes for a comfortable gym session.

Now onto the performance joggers. Fitted design is key for me when it comes to tracksuit bottoms and these tick that box. They feel almost elasticated in material without being dangerously tight around the crotch. The zip pockets are the best feature for me. While it doesn’t seem an overly important thing for some people, I absolutely hate it when you don’t have a zip. It doesn’t matter if your in the gym, travelling or just driving around on a Sunday the amount of times your wallet and phone fall out of your pocket are enough to ruin any mans day.

Last but by no means least we have the Fusion red and white tee. This is one of VXS’ new releases and the guys say its a huge hit. The relaxed muscle fit combined with the scoop bottom make it one of my favourite tops to train in. The VXS GYM WEAR print is a nice touch and really makes it stand out.

I will be keeping a close eye on the VXS brand for new releases in the future and already have a hoodie in the post which I can’t wait to try out.

If you want to get your hands on any of the pieces featured above or want to check out something different then click the link below

Enter code WJ10 at the checkout for a 10% discount.



Tracksuit Time

22nd November 2016

Hey guys.

Ive managed to get the blog up and running along with a functioning Instagram after the last one was hacked.

Im brining you this post on my Good For Nothing tracksuit which has me covered when going to the gym, travelling or simply recovering from a monster hangover.






I originally got this tracksuit to wear while travelling to Cancun a few weeks ago.Its always a good idea to wear something comfortable for an 8 hour excitable plain ride. It served its purpose very well and I have worn it a lot since.

The quality is exceptional. The 100% cotton material makes for a very warm wear and the inner lining of the top is incredibly soft. Material aside, the GFN guys have opted for a modern fit with this tracksuit which is very much the norm nowadays. The pants are slim and elasticated around the bottom and can be pulled up to 3/4 if desired similar to skinny jeans. And they are a very snug fit everywhere else which makes them incredibly comfortable. The top is tight around the arms and shoulders with a bit more of a relaxed fit in the mid rig area. It has an elasticated bottom which can be tucked under or left relaxed.

While its obvious that they are meant to come as a pair the the top and bottoms do slightly differ in colour while both remaining in the ‘sand’ colour category. They also have to be bought separately on the website. The slight colour difference stands out and gives this 2 piece a slight edge over  similar items from other brands when attracting potential customers eyes and this is what drew me to making the purchase when there are so many similar tracksuits out there.

The familiar butterfly logo that GFN have as a feature throughout their range  symbolises taking a humble beginning and creating greatness, knowing your worth and never settling for less.

We all need a go to tracksuit in our lives and this one fits the bill. You can get your hands on your own over at