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Tracksuit Time

22nd November 2016

Hey guys.

Ive managed to get the blog up and running along with a functioning Instagram after the last one was hacked.

Im brining you this post on my Good For Nothing tracksuit which has me covered when going to the gym, travelling or simply recovering from a monster hangover.






I originally got this tracksuit to wear while travelling to Cancun a few weeks ago.Its always a good idea to wear something comfortable for an 8 hour excitable plain ride. It served its purpose very well and I have worn it a lot since.

The quality is exceptional. The 100% cotton material makes for a very warm wear and the inner lining of the top is incredibly soft. Material aside, the GFN guys have opted for a modern fit with this tracksuit which is very much the norm nowadays. The pants are slim and elasticated around the bottom and can be pulled up to 3/4 if desired similar to skinny jeans. And they are a very snug fit everywhere else which makes them incredibly comfortable. The top is tight around the arms and shoulders with a bit more of a relaxed fit in the mid rig area. It has an elasticated bottom which can be tucked under or left relaxed.

While its obvious that they are meant to come as a pair the the top and bottoms do slightly differ in colour while both remaining in the ‘sand’ colour category. They also have to be bought separately on the website. The slight colour difference stands out and gives this 2 piece a slight edge over  similar items from other brands when attracting potential customers eyes and this is what drew me to making the purchase when there are so many similar tracksuits out there.

The familiar butterfly logo that GFN have as a feature throughout their range  symbolises taking a humble beginning and creating greatness, knowing your worth and never settling for less.

We all need a go to tracksuit in our lives and this one fits the bill. You can get your hands on your own over at




Hotel Du Vin – Newcastle

8th March 2015



Hey Guys !

I was lucky enough to be treated to a night in a very special suite at Newcastle’s Hotel du Vin. It was a surprise from my other half as he was working away at the time and only came home for the 1 night so he decided not to tell me any of the details.

The hotel itself is situated very close to the city centre (we walked into town in around 10 minutes) and has brilliant views of the quayside and surrounding bridges.

The room wasn’t quite ready so we left our bags with reception and called into the bar for a drink.It was a saturday night so the place was rather busy. And the other guests frequenting the bar area certainly seemed to be very middle class. Which isn’t the type of company I normally keep so I did my best to fit in and enjoyed a watermelon martini.

We got to the room after the drinks and it literally blew my mind. It was the Executive suite !!






As you can probably tell I certainly was not used to staying in such places. It was the size of a house. 2 baths in the middle of the room and a bed big enough for 5 people. I literally didn’t even know where to start. I knew we didn’t have all that much time but I had to get in 1 of those baths while blasting out some music on the rooms sound system. Which was superb.

After bathing for enough time to turn my hands into wrinkles I made self very at home. The robe and slippers provided were outrageously comfortable and before I knew it I was on the sofa watching the T.V and drinking a glass of champagne from the minibar.

We went downstairs to the restaurant for dinner and just as I suspected it didn’t disappoint. The food was as exceptional as the staff were friendly. Throughout the meal we managed to get through 5 different cocktails. All of which were recommendations from the waitress. From a peach bellini to a spiced mojito we were rather tipsy after the meal so retired to bed.

The sleep was literally one of the best I’ve ever had. The bed was so big and comfortable we managed to sleep until 10.30. I proceeded to climb into the shower at the front of the room with a slightly thick head, turn on the water from both taps and lie on the floor. It was the best feeling ever. It may as well have been a small pool I had so much room so thrash around. and almost pull myself together before heading downstairs.

We went for breakfast and sat outside in the courtyard as the weather was pleasant and it seemed to be a little sun trap. There was a wide selection of cereals and fruit juice or you could order something cooked from the menu. We both had eggs benedict and a LOT of coffee before checking out and heading on our way.

The room itself was totally flawless. It has more than enough room to do anything and everything you could want. Whether its a relaxing night away recharging the batteries, or a special occasion with the other half I would certainly recommend the Executive suite to anyone.

The hotel was more than I could have expected. The staff were brilliant, the facilities that we managed to experience in less than 24 hours were flawless and I would love to visit the place again. Until next time Hotel du Vin….. it was an absolute pleasure.